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Tri-Cities Food Co-op Mission Statement:

The Tri-Cities Food Co-op is a community-based and locally oriented natural food market committed to supporting organic food systems, sourcing products at prices fair to both the grower and consumer, while considering the environmental impacts of  production, packaging, and use of our products.

We are creating a food co-op with prices that are fair to both the farmer and the consumer.

By working with local growers to source our produce, we are encouraging healthy eating and community connections while reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition to the food co-op, we plan to have a community space where people can have a meeting, share a beverage, enjoy a meal from our co-op deli, and shop in the gallery of Pacific Northwest artists. We also plan to host music events as well as cooking classes and tastings.

What is a co-op?

Join a community of farmers and consumers striving to create the best place to:

SHOP for fresh produce

MEET with friends

EAT from our gourmet deli

LISTEN to live music

LEARN from our healthy cooking classes

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Saturday, May 13th at 3 PM
1420 Jadwin, Richland

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Get in on the Ground Floor

A dedicated group is developing a food co-op in Richland. The co-op will be located in Richland, one block north of the Uptown Plaza. We hope to be open in Summer/Fall 2024.

Your membership support will help make this happen and us keep on our timeline.

Join today and help us grow!

Co-op Membership:

Joining the Tri-Cities Food Co-op offers many benefits. Most importantly it supports a community of people who want to grow and eat the best produce available.

Members will enjoy monthly discounts/ giveaways as well as discounts on events and classes. Fun for individuals as well as families!

Founding Members will enjoy additional benefits of recognition in the store, and a special thank you opening celebration.

The membership fee is a one-time lifetime fee. We offer two membership levels, one at $50 for active students and seniors (65+), and one at $100 for owners/households.

Members will also have voting rights for selecting Board members.

Joining the Tri-Cities Food Co-op means that you are part of a culinary community!

What We Offer:

As a part of our regular offerings for our members, we plan to engage our community through:
  • Grocery items that highlight local and organic produce and products
  • Membership discounts and giveaways
  • Events such as farm walks
  • Cooking classes
  • Product tastings
  • Local art
  • Live music
  • A sense of community
You do not have to be a member to shop at the Co-op, but being a member has perks!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: There are many definitions, but part of the purpose of the co-op is to serve eastern WA and OR growers, who are currently shipping their products to the west side of their states, to have a local outlet.

A: The location for the food co-op is 1420 Jadwin in Richland, and is one block north of the Uptown Plaza. We are currently refurbishing the interior. It was originally a grocery store and has the framework to meet our needs.

A: The timeline is dependent upon permitting, financing, equipment, staffing, etc. We are hoping to open in Summer/Fall 2024, if all goes well.

A: We consider senior as anyone over 65 years old.

A: Your food co-op just became incorporated as a Washington state nonprofit under Revised Code of Washington 24.06 Non Profit and Miscellaneous Corporation. Under federal codes your co-op will be organized at a 501(c)(6), which are typically used by Chambers of Commerce. A link to definitions is provided:

A: Members of the food co-op value sourcing local produce and supporting local farmers, appreciate organic and healthy food choices, and supporting sustainable practices.

A: You do not need to be a member to shop at the Co-op, but being a member gives you certain perks. Your membership entitles you to discounts on select purchases, Co-op classes, celebrations, tastings, and events as well as promotions sponsored by your co-op. Members have voting rights for electing board members which means you have a say in the food you eat, and how the store, its vendors and employees work together.

A: Alan Schreiber is the driving force behind getting a food co-op started in the Tri-Cities, and is currently the Chair of the Steering Committee. Prior to launching the food co-op, a governance board will be elected by the membership. A typical process is for an elected board to then elect officers. From this action decisions are made. Depending on who is elected to the board or as an officer, Schreiber Farms may or may not be involved in the governance of your co-op. Because Schreiber Farms is local and organic, we know members would expect him to sell to the co-op. Those agreements will be made by the co-op’s general manager, not by the governance board.

A: One of the first actions of the board will be to approve governance policies and procedures.

A: Board members will not select vendors, growers, providers, and other suppliers for your food co-op. Currently, there are no agreements or commitments with any individual or organization to sell to the co-op. If someone is local that can offer the following:

  • organic products
  • have products the members want
  • can meet food safety standards
  • is priced for the co-op
  • has the necessary volume

…then the co-op will want to buy from them.

A: The steering committee is focused on identifying financial lenders, memberships, and community contributions in the range of $600,000 within the next few months. Securing loans, grants and building a membership base of over 1,000, are some of our goals. Community support is essential for a successful food co-op. Membership translates into an endorsement and serves to let lenders know that the community solidly backing this commitment.

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